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  • What will You get with a membership with I Am Garvey’s Black Wall Street Initiative Objective #1? Crops & Profit sharing strategy: 1. Red Members who pay $10 a week will receive $2000 worth of food (veggies, chicken and beef) ($520 must be paid by last harvest in September). 2. Black Members who pay $520 upfront will receive their $2000 worth of food (veggies, chicken and beef). 3. Green Members who pay $2400 a year will get $8000 worth of food. Member will receive a $2500 or more of food from each 45 days harvest from May to September. 4. Gold Members who invests $10,000 and pays $4000 a year in maintaining and harvest fees. These members will receive 1.28 acres that we will harvest their food and give them over $10,000 worth of food for the entirety of their and/or their children’s life. Limited 2 GOLD members will be allowed. For more information, contact us at iamgarvey2016@gmail.com

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